The Flora | Cronulla, Sydney

Design Outcome:

The Flora, named after its uniqueness, this unique building has come to life, thanks to our client. The Flora is a unique apartment building, offers a great sense luxurious and spacious apartments with an extra twist, elevated backyard to each apartment, to give the occupants the feeling of a backyard atmosphere. The apartments accessed by a lift that opens directly to the living area. While enjoying great water views of the Cronulla beach, residents will also have the advantage of backyards. 

Multi Use | Warrawong Wollongong

Design Outcome:

The majority of this multi-use building was abandoned for over seven years when HmD took over the project. We added an extra floor level to the existing structure. And created a central courtyard at the rear to tight the building together and becomes a lovely communal space away from the busy streets. We opened up the facade and introduced full height windows to maximise natural light while allowing for the courtyard to do the work by bringing in the lovely southern breeze and natural light.