Design Strategy

What We Offer

HmD endured in a wide range of building types and activities relating to the built environment.

We strongly believe an on-going conversation will go a long way. Our open collaborative process includes our clients, consultants and creative personal. Our open mind and innovative approach allow us to be adaptive to different developments. We believe there is never one solution, and every brief is unique, we take our clients brief seriously by investigating all design options and engaging the clients in the decision-making process. 

Client Brief & Planning Analysis

Our client brief includes a detailed analysis of the site and project needs. 

We work-out what you can build in accordance with the local development codes. We consider the project budget while maximizing the development potential of the site.

Planning Report

We can provide a planning summary which considers the highest and best use of the site. This will result in accurate project feasibility for consideration.   

Pre-Purchase Investigation

Understanding the development potential of the site is crucial. 

Development sites may have affectations i.e. heritage impacts, utilities and services, easements, restrictions on title, trees, flooding, overshadowing can all have an impact to the intended outcome and the permissible use of the land. 

Concept plans

Our concept plans are a site analysis presented in a colour illustration to highlight key features on site and take in consideration the local government regulations and the client brief, it will all be presented in a simple graphical illustration to simplify the process. The final concept will be amended based on client’s request and represented for final approval.